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00g 1 Inch 10 Gauge 10 Mm Screw Back Tunnels 10mm 11mm 12mm 14g 14g Septum 14mm 16g 16mm 18mm 19mm 2 Gauge 20 Mm 20mm 21mm 22mm 25mm 28mm 2mm 3/4 30mm 32mm 34mm 40mm 42mm 44mm 4mm 5/8 50mm 5mm 6mm 7/16 8 Mm 8mm Abalone Agate Amethyst Aura Barbell Belly Rings Black Black Obsidian Bone Brass Brass Hanger Brass Hangers Buddha Cat Claw Clicker Cobra Cobweb Concave Conch Crescent Crescent Moon Saddle Hangers Cross Crow Crystal Daith Dangle Deva Brass Bell Hangers Diamond Cut Dinosaur Double Flare Dragon Drakos Drop Ear Cuff Ear Cuffs Ear Hangers Ear Weight Ear Weights Earring Earrings Earweights Elephant Elzar Erva Fake Piercing Fake Plug Fake Septum Faux Faux Septum Feather Flower Fluorite Freya Ganesh Ganesha Glass Gold Gold Horseshoe Gold Plugs Gold Saddle Hangers Gold Septum Clickers Gold Tunnel Gold Tunnels Half Moon Hanger Hangers Heart Heart Plugs Helix Helix Piercing Honeycomb Hoop Hoop Plug Hoops Horn Horseshoe Ie0050 Inca Industrial Industrial Barbell Jade Key Labradorite Labret Lip Lotus Lotus Hanger Mandala Mandala Plug Marble Medusa Medusa Piercing Moon Moonstone Mother of Pearl Nipple Nipple Piercing Nipple Piercings Nipple Rings Nose Nose Piercing Nose Ring Nose Rings Nose Stud Nostril Nostril Ring Obsidian Octopus Ohwl Onyx Opal Opalite Opalite Moonstone Plug Ozon Pair Pairs of 7/8 Peacock Pearl Pentagram Persian Agate Plugs Piercing Pincher Plug Plug 20mm Plugd Plugs Plugs Wood Qora Quartz Raven Raven Claw Raven Skull Red Ring Rings Rose Rose Gold Rose Quartz Saddle Saddle Hanger Saddle Hangers Saddle Spreader Saddles Scarab Screw Back Screwback Septum Septum Clicker Septum Clickers Septum Pincher Septum Ring Septums Serpent Shell Silicone Silicone Tunnels Silver Silver Earrings Single Flare Single Flare Tunnel Skull Slight Variances Snake Snowflake Spider Web Spiral Steel Steel Tunnel Sterling Silver Stirling Silver Stone Stone Plug Stone Plugs Stretch Stretching Stud Studs Surgical Steel Surgical Steel Septum Taper Tapers Tear Tear Drop Tear Drop Plugs Teardrop Teardrop Plug Teardrop Plugs Teardrops Titanium Top Hat Top Hat Plug Top Hat Plugs Track Order Tragus Tragus Piercing Tunnel Tunnels Turquoise Valka Viper Web Weight Weights White White Brass White Plug Wing Wood Wood Plug Wood Plugs Wood Tunnels
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1. H O T
2. Gold
Rose Gold
3. Rose Gold
4. Silver
5. Steel
6. Black
7. Blue
8. Brown
9. Gray
10. Green
11. Orange
12. Pink
13. Purple
14. Red
15. Turquoise
16. White
17. Yellow
Classic Gold
18. Classic Gold
19. Amethyst
Smoky Quartz
20. Smoky Quartz
Dark Gold
21. Dark Gold
22. Gunmetal
Gold with White Cubic Zirconia
23. Gold with White Cubic Zirconia
Silver with White Cubic Zirconia
24. Silver with White Cubic Zirconia
Silver with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
25. Silver with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
Gold with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
26. Gold with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
Silver with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
27. Silver with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
Gold with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
28. Gold with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
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